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A Mobile Marketing Company

Mobile Marketing


ETC Enterprises specializes in field marketing production and promotion through nationwide, high-impact marketing initiatives with emphasis on brand awareness, knowledge transfer and customer relationship management within the 16-34 demographic.  ETC specializes in capturing the mindshare of today's young, urban “hipster” with a unique and engaging package that will motivate the consumer to engage in your brand. This is accomplished by using:


High visibility, high-impact presentation


2-Way knowledge transfer
ETC Enterprises places a premium on knowledge transfer and capturing consumer mindshare. The goal of each ETC program is twofold: to leave a lasting impression with every ETC marketing initiative; and  come away with more information about the consumer in order to establish and maintain contact in an effort to earn consumer faith and solidify brand loyalty.


Product introductions through auxiliary interactive marketing Initiatives
ETC Enterprises is capable of producing a highly interactive experience by offering a wide range of experiential marketing initiatives.

Data collection


Post-promotion follow-up as a result of data collection


Partner programs
(i.e. co-branding initiatives, cross promotion, etc.) -  ETC Enterprises is fortunate to be affiliated with some of the world's leading corporations. As a result of these relationships, large organizations often benefit from their partnership with ETC through cross-promotional marketing initiatives, thus potentially drawing one demographic into another and vice versa.


Leave a Lasting Impression
ETC Enterprises embark on various nationwide campaigns, visiting dealerships, retail outlets and lifestyle events across North America. Along the way, impressions were made and data collected. All of which result in a quantifiable Return-On-Investment for campaign/progam participants.


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