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Ideation and Concept Phase - Leader in trends and innovation. ETC understands the current industry and market, and strives to create high-end designs.


Sketches and Initial Visualization Phase - ETC provides quick, on-the-spot design variations, to save time and produce refined and detailed results. Sketches unite marketing and fabrication processes together.


Photo-realistic Rendition Stage - To visualize how the final product will look like before hands-on work and to save time in later processes, rapid photo-realistic 2D renders can be made for further improvisation and development.


3D Modeling and CAD Stage - In addition to 2D, single view renders, ETC also creates highly detailed 3D concept models. 3D models allow for "walk-arounds" and virtual tours, viewing the final product from every angle before the build. Virtual models can range from single mechanical parts, to fully finished vehicles. Photo-realistic representations can be made from the 3D models, as well as CNC milling processes.


3D Modeling and Animation - To best understand how movement and mechanisms work is to see it in action. ETC provides highly realistic animation works to show how the final product functions and how it can be presented.


CAD and Prototyping -3D models can be sent to CNC milling machinery to produce physical parts for fabrication or prototyping. The CNC processes can use materials such as wood, metal, plastics, or clay.


Scale Model Representations - For presentation and design refinement purposes, ETC can produce conceptual scale models. These models are highly detailed representations of the final product. Sizes include 1:24, 1:10, 1:5, or even 1:3, and are mainly made of clay, or plastic.

Build Stage - Once the design phases are complete, ETC's specialized build team, which consists of top designers, fabricators, and mechanics work off detailed drawings to make dreams become reality. Everything from the mechanics, engineering, to body work and finishing are done with high precision and attention.


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