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Shining Monkey - 3 Wise Monkeys

Shining Monkey was created with the intention of providing the absolute best car care products available. If they could not create the best product in a specific category, they just wont offer it to you. Being "as good as" or "just like" is not an option for Shining Monkey. No hype, no false claims, no promises that they cant keep. Period!

Each and every one of Shining Monkey's products that are developed will have a cute little monkey on the product and to Shining Monkey thats a seal of quality that they take pride in.
It was only natural that Shining Monkey and ETC's Tajai Das, Serge Leger, and Edmund Manasan were chosen to be their brand ambassador's. Let's just call them the 3 wise Shining Monkey Tuners.

You see the 3 Wise Shining Monkeys share the same principle's, No hype, no false claims, and no promises that they can't keep.

Spot the 3 Wise Shining Monkeys on tour across North America along side the Top Tuner Tour.


Elite Tuners of Canada and Shining Monkey