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Top Tuner Program


The “Tuner Culture” Defined...

The “Tuner Culture” is defined by various groups of automotive enthusiasts who enjoy mechanically and/or cosmetically altering a modern vehicle in the effort to reflect a spirit of individualism, creativity, and innovation. Tuners share some qualities of early hot rodders: they are both passionate about their cars and relentless in their quest for enhanced performance and striking designs. Also like hot rodders, tuners have created a strong community that share similar ideas about fashion, music, and culture. However, while hot rod and tuner culture clearly share certain qualities, tuner culture is definitely a modern phenomenon. 


The highest acclaimed aftermarket tuning program in the industry – The Top Tuner Program...


Through creating educational programs, brand awareness campaigns, and managing the most decorated build team in North America, ETC Enterprises Inc. Created a network of the industry’s greatest aftermarket manufacturer's, builders, and press affiliations, to start a coalition to fuel the passion for the automotive tuning culture in North America that carries into present time. 


The “Top Tuner Program” is the first industry wide collaboration program that meshes the top tuner builders and the top companies that support the automotive after-market industry in North America.  The idea is to build the worlds most wildest fully functional show cars, tour across the nation, and build a network of brand awareness, and educational campaigns that set bars, trends, and inspire future tuners to long live our culture of automobile customization


Producing nation wide tours across North America, the Top Tuner Program has come face to face with more than 1 million people fuelling the automotive passion. The Top Tuner Program has been featured in more than 100 Magazines worldwide, and continues to be the show stopper at every event attended. 


"A car becomes a GUIDING force in a [Tuner’s] lifestyle… Rather than merely a means of transportation." - Tajai Das, CEO, ETC Enterprises Inc.