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Innovative, driven and compassionate are a few particular words that come to mind when I think about ETC Enterprises.   There are not many companies in today’s world that really step outside the norm and push the boundaries of innovation to set new trends.  ETC Enterprises is just that company; they do not follow the pack but rather leads it.  Their drive to be the best that they can be is what keeps them a step ahead of the curve as trends change.  ETC Enterprises never accepts no for an answer and always figures out a way to make a goal a reality; they do not give up or put something on the back burner.  What ETC Enterprises thinks of and puts it into their game plan happens.  With ETC Enterprises’ professionalism and great work ethics you sometimes wonder why and how they became so determined.  That answer is obvious. Anyone who knows ETC Enterprises, knows how compassionate they are towards life, family, friends and business. They are truly concerned about taking care of others and that’s what makes their network so large both personal and business related, and it shows with his commitment to be the best company that they can be.


If you have the chance to work with ETC Enterprises I highly suggest you consider the opportunity, it would be a mistake to let this company’s creativity and dedication pass you by.



Andy Goodman
NCCA/F4Challenge CEO