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Tjin Edition


I have known ETC Enterprises for several years, as we have traveled to the same automotive events throughout North America.


I can say without a doubt that ETC Enterprises is one of the leaders in our industry and one of the top visionaries when it comes to design vehicles, marketing those vehicles, and the products that are found on his incredible pieces of machinery.


As a former magazine editor and car show competitor, I have met hundreds of builders, designers, car show competitors, and marketing directors and ETC Enterprises leads a very short list of individuals that I consider industry leaders.


ETC Enterprises is not only a hard worker when the spot light is shining on them, which is quite often, but they are also a hard worker, motivator, and leader behind closed doors.


I have spent countless days and nights with ETC Enterprises and the team as they were preparing their projects for an upcoming event. ETC Enterprises’ tireless efforts are what have made this company successful, an icon, and a household name within the automotive market place.


There are very few companies that I trust and consider friends within the industry, ETC Enterprises is definitely one of those companies.



Neil Tjin
President of Tjin Edition